Located just across the Hudson River from New York City, some refer to Jersey City as the sixth borough. Thanks to the cost-savings it offers individuals that want to be close to NYC, the area continues to grow in population. While there are not five boroughs to consider, there are areas including The Heights, Downtown Jersey City, and the adjacent city of Hoboken that are popular and just minutes from the city. Each has their own unique culture and activities, but a recent market report shows that The Heights is quickly becoming the most popular neighborhood in Jersey City, attracting residents from Hoboken and surrounding neighborhoods.

Why move to The Heights?

Formerly known as Hudson City, The Heights used to be an independent municipality and officially became part of Jersey City in 1869. There are several reasons why choosing to move to The Heights over Downtown Jersey City, or Hoboken makes sense.

  1. Less Expensive

Many residents choose The Heights because they can’t afford to live in Manhattan but still want to be close to the city. While condominium sale prices did increase in 2017 in The Heights, they are still far less expensive at an average of $412,000 than what you will find in Hoboken ($752,745) or Downtown Jersey city ($715,000).

  1. Scenic views

Due to its location, one hundred feet above sea level on the western side of the Hudson River, residents get to enjoy beautiful scenic views of the Manhattan skyline from one side and beautiful marshes and meadowlands on the other side.

  1. Predicted tax increases not as high

Jersey City is currently undergoing a property revaluation, the first since 1988. Since property values have increased drastically in the past thirty years, many homeowners are about to experience tax hikes with some downtown properties expecting to see increases of more than double. The Heights residents will also experience a property tax increase, but it won’t be as drastic at a predicted three percent change.

  1. Quiet area

If you enjoy the quiet traditional neighborhood life, then The Heights is a perfect solution for your personality. While there are traditional apartment buildings, very few are over four stories and most of the buildings in the area consist of smaller detached single family or two-three family homes. The setup makes it a great place to move with a family or on your own.

  1. A sense of community

With fewer apartment buildings, there is a greater residential feel in the community. Pair this with fewer distractions of constant activity and crime, and it’s easier for residents to build relationships with neighbors along with creating a strong sense of community. The community bond is something you also see in the neighborhood restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and artists spaces that you don’t feel in Downtown Jersey City or Hoboken where residents tend to be more guarded.

  1. Close to city life

One of the best parts about moving to The Heights is you are still close enough to the active city life that you can visit whenever you want. With the increase of public transportation options like the PATH, New Jersey Transit’s  Light Rail, and public buses, traveling to New York City, downtown Jersey City, or Hoboken is quick and convenient when you need a change in your daily routine.

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